Guidance for employers

HMRC has published the October 2019 issue of the Employer Bulletin which contains guidance on a number of issues relevant for employers. Topics in this edition include:

  1. Changes for UK employers sending workers to the EU, the EEA or Switzerland
  2. PAYE Settlement Agreements and Welsh rate of Income Tax
  3. Guidance for employers on reporting PAYE information in real time when payments are made early at Christmas
  4. Disguised Remuneration
  5. Termination payments: Post Employment Notice Pay for employees paid by equal monthly instalments
  6. Do your employees have the right tax code?
  7. Employment Allowance reform – eligibility rules for the Employment Allowance are changing from April 2020
  8. Do you claim the Apprenticeship Levy Allowance or Employment Allowance?
  9. Changes to company car tax regime
  10. Student and Postgraduate Loans
  11. Childcare vouchers
  12. Trivial Benefits in kind
  13. Paying for fitness equipment

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Internet link: GOV.UK employer-bulletin-october-2019

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